Fall Photos & Outfit Planning

Jami of Photography by Jami Leavitt has been so amazing to work with on my outfit photos (see all our collaborations here). Not to mention, she has been so generous with her talent. When she started booking fall photoshoots, I knew I wanted to sign up! Russ and I haven't had any real photos taken since we got engaged over six years ago (what?!). I'm so excited to be sharing a few of the photos with you today. We did two locations, one inside our home and one outside near where we live. Jami did such a fantastic job of capturing Russ and I without making us feel like that same newly engaged couple. Plus, we'll have legit photos for our Christmas card this year! No more backyard self-timer. I'll be sharing more photos on Monday from the second location, so make sure you check back!

Guys, I have to admit that even as a fashion blogger, planning what to wear during a photoshoot is a challenge. In five years I don't want to look back and wonder what I was thinking, so I avoided being too trendy, i.e. I hadn't planned on my leather leggings. Yet I still wanted to look like me, so when I made a joke about wearing them, I changed. We were at our house after all. I love the look, but when I made the snap decision, I didn't think about how what I was wearing would work with Russ. Today Jami is sharing a few tips for outfit planning during a family photoshoot on her blog. I put together four different outfit combinations for mom, dad, and the kids. Here's a sneak peek of one. Head on over to her blog for all the tips and more outfit ideas!
Fall Photos



Have you tried any of the monthly box subscriptions? I had yet to take the plunge but was really curious about the concept, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to try GLOSSYBOX through a partnership with Shop At Home. I admit to being a little skeptical because I'm picky about my clothes, jewelry, and beauty products. My skepticism quickly vanished when I received the cutest package in the mail. How could a girl not fall in love with amazing beauty products packaged in a pink box and delivered to her door?!


Back to Basics

I've really been drawn to basics lately. Sometimes I try too hard to make the perfect outfit. Any time I get stressed, I try to remind myself just to keep it simple. Stripes, a good pair of distressed denim, great jewelry, a tailored white shirt, a blazer, or a great pair of boots, a well fitting sweater... always good decisions. When I discovered Everlane, I fell in love with their philosophy of providing modern basics with radical transparency. All the products are beautiful. If my closet were entirely made up of Everlane, let's just say I wouldn't be mad about it. I love the vanilla sweatshirt (only $30!!) they sent me. The color and material are just so good, especially for the price.


Zest for Life

Meet my amazing and brave friend Lisa Riley. After testing positive for the BRCA gene, Lisa opted to have a preventative double mastectomy. She has a wonderful marriage, a young son, and a successful business. Basically, she made the decision to live life. Although she cleared many screens beforehand, the removed tissue tested positive for an aggressive form of breast cancer proving Lisa made the right choice. Thankfully they caught it early, and Lisa now faces preventative chemo rather than fighting for her life later.
Purple Cuff, Similar Python


Out with the Old, in with the New

I've been lucky enough to work with some really amazing retailers lately. Given my propensity for shopping, this has made it much easier to stay within my budget. I did have to go buy some new hangers though. That's when I realized it was time for a clean out.

I did a major closet edit ending in a big trip to my local resale shop. It felt so good. My closet had gotten too full, something I try to be mindful of. I often buy something just because it is on sale rather than because I really like it. I'm learning to work on this. Learning that I really hate mustard and brown on myself even though I love them on other people. Learning I really dislike having to wear a blouse that requires a cami. Learning that no matter how much I love a sky high heel, I'm just not going to wear them. Learning that it's much easier to get dressed when I have fewer things I really like. Just learning.


Real Life

It's amazing how many more pictures we take now that camera phones have made them so accessible. I love it. Photos really do tell a story. Instagram is totally my favorite social media (follow here). Without further ado, I present our life in photos over the past couple of weeks.

Russ and I went to Kansas City last weekend for no other real reason than to connect with each other and have a fun time exploring a new place. It's been sort of a hard season for us. Not marriage wise, just life wise. It was nice to take a break from our own surroundings, eat good food, shop, and watch cable tv.


Leather and Leopard

Leather and leopard, two of my favorite things. I love the details on this Denim Lily dress and was so excited to work with them again (remember my amazing romper??). Not to mention, burgundy/wine is such a big color for this fall. It made the perfect date night attire for our Kansas City trip.

I've been loving all the over the knee boots lately and seriously wanting a pair. Let me just say, over the knee boots are not made for tall girls. After trying on multiple pairs, I decided not to rock the mid-knee boot look. Instead I opted for a more cost effective option: over the knee socks! I just added a pair to my black boots creating a faux over the knee look for only $14!